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Hull Cleaning

Anclote Cowboy provides reliable and insured hull cleaning within Northern Pinellas county and Pasco county. Hull services are Based off a desire to provide quality under the water upkeep to both small and large boats. 

Boat bottom cleanings are completed with the utmost care to safely remove as little ablative paint as possible while still removing all forms of marine growth. 

The Anclote Cowboy will be sure every barnacle is completely removed from running gear and hull. Licensed and insured. 

Anclote Cowboy provides both one time cleanings and cyclical cleanings. Larger jobs are typically an hourly rate where as cyclical cleanings are typically charged by the vessel. For heavy growth removal of large vessels a team can come out for the cleaning. 


Why remove Barnacles?

Even light growth on a boat hull can keep Powerboats from getting on a plane. Mild amounts of barnacles on a sailboat can keep the boat from being able to point and steer straight.  Fouling of the hull can also cause damage to your hulls barrier coat, allowing water to slowly wick into fiberglass hulls creating blisters and wreaking havoc. Barnacles growing over raw water intakes can inhibit water flow, leading your engine to overheat. Fouling of still functional zincs can lead to electrolysis, ruining propellers and thru hulls. A common cause of boats sinking is damaged thru hulls due to electrolysis. 

Call or text us now  (727) 645-2420 for a price estimation

Servicing as Far North as Hudson and as far South as Dunedin

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